Wednesday, 30 March 2011

check list

  • puddle jumps
  • nearly waterproof boots (nearly...)
  • kitten sneezes
  • kindly ETA from fellow bus traveler  
  • laughing driver pedal down GUNNING THE 1
  • temporary reprieve from grey, grey, grey
  • 'Couv like vibe (minus the mountains, the Pacific, green abundance, Stanley Park, Commercial Drive...)
  • migrating geese
  • migrating hope
  • returning geese
  • returning hope
  • Naomi Klein on enviro/economic tangle weave
  • many blue signs
  • too many blue signs
  • Easter dinner invitation
  • late blooming amaryllis
  • right foot asleep
  • Aloha postcard
  • lily pods
  • uplifting kudos for the Berg
  • sleeping Samoyed
  • bamboo chimes
  • itchy rug
  • chirping chirps
  • brushing wind
  • 30/31
  • sun at my back
  • out like a lamb

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


someone should tell the snow faeries about the equinox
i think they missed it
passed out somewhere
wings folded over
sleeping off a hum dinger

someone should tell the snow faeries about the equinox
time for the spring pixies to get up

Monday, 14 March 2011

and marzipan

the blanket is coming off
the melting has begun
in the hallway this afternoon
the air was thick with wieners
and on the bus too
rolling along on the #1:
wieners with marzipan
a layer of sweetness

pull back the blanket

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

the little wednesday

a tummy full of undigested dreams
kitten threads all over the bed
a reluctant return key
suggestions to just start again
a demi of vino
snowmelt through freezing
not my best work but soldiering on
soldering on
sauntering on
solidly on
and all that is solid...