Monday, 30 May 2011


the bluest of blue
nestled in the bed
tucked into the soil
sheltered by gazania
sea holly
a sliver of shell
robin's egg
# 37
and a half

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

cat's eyes

gaze out at the verbena
the heliotrope
the fading newness of the afternoon
soaking up all that has fallen
all that is coming
the spaces between the rain

cat's eyes are blinking now
tranquility shutting out the day
squinting out the truck muffler
roaring up 107th
magpie squawks and claw trims

cat's eyes are hunting now
iris and glass
triumphant bug that will not be taken down
pause for paws
green light to wings

cat's eyes are staring now
this yard and a thousand waking dreams

Friday, 20 May 2011


these antlers of mine
pick up all the best frequencies
especially the whispers
from the top of your lungs
tuned into all the flight paths
toybox schemes
souffles and soft shoes
these antlers of mine
hone it all in
drive it all home
and around the block
again and again
standard gear
the rack electric

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


the other day a fallen bird
outside the bedroom window
flown into glass

the other day a report
a new development
drone as hummingbird
revolving and deadly
hovering ushering
the future

the other day the robin count
treetop 16
and number 9
feathers beneath dogwood

Monday, 9 May 2011


sunshine narc
squinting kitten narc
low slung jeans narc
tulip narc
blossoming snowdrops narc
fizzy homemade valpolicella narc
belgian waffle narc
muffin narc
all day breakfast narc
walk don't run narc
tooth flossing narc
christmas lights in may narc
pipeline narc
jawline narc
fineline narc
cutty sark narc
knick knack paddywhack narc
glow in the dark narc
all aboard the ark narc
prototype drone as hummingbird narc
'h' is for humanity narc
save us from ourselves narc
world peace narc
all things spring narc