Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Some days it just works out best
To sit down and have a really good cry
The kind that has you slobbering up
Bubbles coming out of your nose
No tissues in sight
The kind that wells up from the bottom of your shoes
Boots...rubber boots
Gummed and heavy from a slog in the rain

Or maybe the quiet kind of slobbering that wells up from nowhere
Catching you by surprise on the sidewalk
On a hot sunny day
Passing the open door to a shop playing a song that you love
But haven't heard for years
And it makes you tear up but in a good kind of way
Welling up from a place you had nestled and packed away

Or in the moments after you hear the sound of a bird thumping
Colliding with the window in the room where you're sitting
Reading a book unable to help
Too late to jump up
To put your hands between wings
To reach out and stop it
Become that membrane

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