Sunday, 19 October 2014

Arach Knees

All in good time
All will be revealed
Like some traveling conjurer
A magician at a kiddie's birthday party
Only this time it's a tropical spider
A wandering Brazilian among a bunch of bananas
Instead of a rabbit out of a hat
(Same old, same old)
The wandering Brazilian tearing off one of its own legs
When cornered
What we've come to expect
To demand
A little more drama in the diorama
A little more bang for our buck
Our dineros
And just so you know
Here, north of the 49th we call them 'loonies'
In honour of the birds that grace the tail side
The tailored pursuits
Diving down
Fists of cash
Fits of crazy
Delirium and the wandering Brazilian
Likely just looking for home

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