Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Polar kinder

Thanksgiving is about many things
Time to recall the past
Anticipate the future
And be mindful of the present
To connect with family and dress up a little
To eat too much
And at the end of the meal to unwrap kinder eggs
Mine this year contained a small white
Ursus Maritimus
Timely and thankfully easy to assemble
Part of the Natoons series
Featuring penguins, moose, wolves, walruses, seals, huskies
And maybe an otter (not sure)
As I struggle with how to say and what to say about all that is melting
My little plastic polar bear waits patiently on top of the thermal coffee urn
Wondering what's coming
When the ice will return
And when help will arrive
And in case we don't remember
Polar bears don't drink Coke
Or coffee

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