Sunday, 30 November 2014


The orchid lives on the small orange table by the window
The cold window on a -20 day
It has footy rooty bits extending out
Embracing the room
It is watered every few days
Just enough to keep the moss springy
Another little frond is sprouting
Up from the base
Maybe the promise of more growth and future blooms
It was a housewarming gift that keeps on giving
Typing this (if one finger non dominant hand pecks are typing)
With a kitten on my lap
Blessed to be warm
Blessed to be home
And blooming

Friday, 28 November 2014

Free Friday

Step right up (but not over
The person in front of you)
Into the land of flakes
Hundreds, thousands, millions of them
Each one a marvel in form/design
Melt on your tongue, scrunched in a hand
Rolled in a ball, mounding on walks and roadways
And it just keeps coming
Plenty for everybody
That's what we like to see
Melting hearts on a frozen day

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Future selves

One day we'll all be sitting around a big table
Enjoying one another's company and reminiscing about
The good old days
How things used to be
We'll marvel at how time has passed so quickly and how much we've accomplished
In a very short time
We'll laugh and kid and shake our heads at how we used to do things until we found
Another way
And the bones of all the fossils will rest buried down below
Undisturbed as the sun shines and the winds blow and we carry on with our days
One day

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Fibre optics

There are threads that run up through the centre of the earth
Through magma, lava and craters
That wind their way underground and find their way
To us
These threads are slippery
Slinky and dexterous
Instinctive in ways of wending
They traverse ranges and aquifers
Bedrock and boulders
Shields and plains
Through corns and calluses
Arteries and veins
Muscle and tendon
Cynicism and sinew
Retinas and plasma
The threads wend and wind
Up somewhere
My thread is gently tugging
Pulling me into dreams


Coming home today
(Late afternoon but already tonight)
A number of houses were lit up with strings and other colours
And I found myself thinking really...?
But I guess for some people it starts now
It's time to switch on spark up and get busy
like eating sugar coated cereal and wanting to jump on the furniture
One of the few (visible) scars I have is on the bridge of my nose
I don't remember getting it but was told
It was from jumping on the bed and crashing on the headboard
I was that kid who ruined it for everybody
So yeah, I guess go ahead:  flip that switch
Spark up the hood
And light up
Tomorrow's another day
Under the sun

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Sometimes when stuck
It helps to remember that this is only a temporary situation
That however frustrating
It is sure to pass
And sometimes endeavours to get unstuck are counterproductive
Digging you that much deeper
Helpful actions include laundry
Trash (in various glorious forms)
Shaking of hands, wiggling of fingers
Images of baby hands ensconced in mittens
Bound for now but soon to be unleashed

Saturday, 8 November 2014


I wonder where you are right now
Where you are and who you are
Reading this right now
Are you at home in a comfy chair?
Or at a desk or the kitchen table
Or maybe riding a bus or the subway
Standing in line to pay for your groceries
Has it been a good day or is it just beginning?
Maybe you're not out of bed yet
Or about to fall asleep
I wonder how you spend your days
And what you think about when your mind has time to wander
I wonder if you (like me) feel hopeful for the future
But sometimes worry too about how things are going
And where we are headed and what we can do
To get going and keep going
In a good direction
And maybe sometimes take comfort in little things
Like the first snowfall

Friday, 7 November 2014

Word of the day

Starlings United
Thousands of wings
Sweeping the sky
Lit up
Ring ring

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Early afternoon

Magpies twittering
Wooden chimes chiming
Tea steeping
Kitten sleeping/kitten waking and restless/stealing my chair
More drilling
The news of frack free Denton!
Less drilling
Wednesday in Gold Bar

Monday, 3 November 2014


I've always wondered what it looks like to a doctor when they shine that light in your ears
Looking down into your ear canal and maybe
Out the other side
So when the resident doctor (in training) said 'looks like a blockage'
All kinds of possibilities unfolded
The treatment was swooshing water injected by a syringe
Unsettling but not unpleasant
And finally a little 'clink' of dislodged wax
The size of a small pebble
I asked to see it and wished I'd asked to keep it
Embedded with songs,whispers, secrets
Eustachian vibrations