Friday, 6 February 2015

Snow day

and then there are times when you wait
and wait
and wait
for the bus that seems to never come
and the wind blows and blows and you are covered in snowflakes
and it is very cold
and your glasses fog up
and your toes are numb
and still the bus doesn't come
and it is like you are in your own Beckett play
or at least a vignette
and finally at the end of the block you see the bus turn the corner
and you feel a bit like a cartoon character
torqued up with steam rushing out of your ears
stomping and cussing
and the door to the bus opens and the bus driver smiles
and says that the roads are bad and that he's running about half an hour late
and all there is to do is to thank him and take a seat
and to be comforted in the company of other riders
because really
at the end of the day
at the end of it all
we are all just passengers

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