Tuesday, 17 March 2015


One morning a bunny woke up to find an egg beside him.  The bunny was surprised to see the egg but thought not much of it and went hopping on his own merry way.  When he returned later that night, the egg was still there and it was moving a little...gently rocking back and forth.  The bunny worried that the egg would be cold in the night and nestled over it.  The next morning the bunny woke up to find a baby chick hatched from the egg.  The chick was very small so the bunny stayed with it all day and night.  The next day the bunny said to the chick 'come with me' and the chick followed the bunny as it hopped about.  The chick and the bunny became good friends and the chick was very grateful to the bunny for the guidance, kindness and friendship. When it was time for the chick to go on and find its own way in the world it said to the bunny 'I will never forget you' and she never did.  Every spring the grown up chick would return to the bunny with gifts of chocolate eggs as tokens of appreciation.  The bunny was prone to middle age spread and couldn't possibly eat all the eggs the chick brought for him.  Being a kind soul the bunny didn't want to hurt the chick's feelings and so hid them out of sight.  Happy children found the eggs and it worked out well for everybody.  And that is the tale of the Easter Bunny.

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  1. LOVE!
    Did the chick also commission a replica of her protector ... in chocolate?