Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A June Bug in April

oh nuthin
nuthin much
just hangin out here on the sidewalk
beside this sweet stand of hostas
across from the street from the home of the pomerainian and the pug
maybe i'll think about making a move
meandering on a little further
but for now i'm content to sit here a spell
under the lovely diffused light of the street lamp
to mull things over
while the night is young

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Robin count so far...

on the berm
dividing lanes of traffic
rush hour on 50th street
#2&3 flitting around high up
possibly a little too close to magpie nests for future comfort
#4 gleaned from my seat on the 1 off the 'old highway'
'stop requested' and so it was
#5 rambling scrambling on the lawn
beneath spruce boughs
oblivious to mammoth motor homes
#6+7 tandem tag match
backyard orchestral manoeuvres in the sun
racing all over
scampering soldiering robining
counting down and in and up to

Monday, 20 April 2015

Canvassing in the Capital

'oh no...I'm not voting for you!'

Good thing cause I'm not running for office

Thanks all the same

See you in Poll Town

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Getting busy

The ants are here to show us how to do it
And the keyword here is US
No dog and pony show without the dog AND pony
We've got to work together on this one
Powers that be may seek to divide and conquer
But we're having none of it
What's good for one is good for all
For the whole commune
The whole colony
What are we waiting for?
Oh yeah
Dinner time
See you at the buffet

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


just wondering where you are right now
where you are while reading this
maybe at home on the couch
your favourite chair or crashed out in bed
in transit...
on the bus
a taxi
stuck in traffic: bottleneck/rush hour
or maybe on the water
a ferry
cruise ship
or canoe
maybe beginning your day and waiting in line to pay for your morning coffee
or waking up with your cat's paws gently kneading your forehead

coming home tonight there was a bright light in the sky
and i wondered who else saw it
and what they thought it was
i guessed the planet of love
and basked in the beauty of amateur astronomy
tossing out a name like a bounteous bouquet

whatever it was it was lovely
maybe for you too


where you find yourself swimming
in pools of ammonia
are not the best of times
waking up in the dream
but still sleeping
weighed down by chemical residue

one of the all time best nighttime trips
was as a kid
climbing onto the back of a giant horse
which galloped into an even bigger envelope
an envelope with wings which flew away

special delivery
night night

Sunday, 12 April 2015


sliver of sky tonight
backlit blue

the first robin
seen in transit
on the berm dividing four lanes of traffic
two bus routes
north/south 50th street

fly here a few streets over
we're partial to feathers
and blue blue eggs

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


tulip tops
snowdrop leaves
stonecrop cropping
wayward boot on 50th street
deflated inflatable snowman
gravel gravel gravel
flip flops
decorative lamb
18 pack hot cross buns
Christmas bough
Jack o lantern
yesterday's cheeseburgers

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Cacti chats

Burro Cactus:  I hope you don't mind my saying so, but a friend tells a friend.
Christmas Cactus:  Tells a friend what?
Burro Cactus:  Tells her when she's out of season.
Christmas Cactus:  Are you saying I'm out of season?
Burro Cactus:  You're blooming aren't you?
Christmas Cactus:  Just the two.  What of them?
Burro Cactus:  Here we are officially in spring.
Christmas Cactus:  And have you seen outside?  Wind AND snow warnings.  I'm perfectly in season.
Burro Cactus:  But it's nearly Easter.
Christmas Cactus:  I'll be fully bloomed by then!
Burro Cactus:  What about the Lillies?
Christmas Cactus:  No time for them.  Oh, and...I hope you don't mind me saying, but a friend tells a friend.
Burro Cactus:  Tells a friend what?
Christmas Cactus:  Your tails are showing.