Tuesday, 28 July 2015


seeds for anenomes are called corms
they're small and gnarly
and look like trolly twig toes
(if twigs had toes)
before planting, you're advised to soak them for a few hours to 'wake them up'
it's hard to know which way to plant them
no obvious top or bottom
but that's okay because the magic blossoms figure it out all on their own
and find their way through the soil

breaking through the surface
this year's crop is divided into five pots...three corms each
five anenomes are blooming (or just about to)
two withered under too much rain
and one was munched (likely down to squirrel action)

still some time for others to make it
to step up and join the party
all in all pretty good odds all things considered
sums of summer sun

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Nocturnal film strips

When you find yourself bobbed and bobbing in the lake of a mountainous crater, try not to panic.  Even if in your dream you don't realize that you are dreaming, take solace in the knowledge that all will be okay. When you find yourself immersed---being taught a lesson by a stern school of fish---remain buoyant and calm.  Because before you know it a giant hand will well up from below and guide you onto a farther shore where a party awaits.  Like a perfect end to all memorable visitations from the nighttime nymphs.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

So....a crow flies into a bar...

"Knook Knook knook knook knook knook knook"
"Caw caw caw"
"Knook knook knook knook knook knook...knook knook knook knook"
"Caw caw"
"Knook knook"/"caw caw"
Etc etc etc

Just another Tuesday afternoon in Gold Bar
Hangin with the Corvidae

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Saturday olfactory factors

humid lawn
post downpour/roof leak:  musty towels and area rug
garlic ring
evil scented kitty litter bags (never again)
dried lavender (memories of France)
sea salt soap
sweet Frente

Monday, 13 July 2015

Raining inside

some mornings you have to wake up extra early
for the day ahead
and you were onto us
what's up with them?
and soon enough
ruse revealed into the carrier, the car and across town
the den of diagnostics
after a few hours you came back to us
wide eyed and sozzzled
but you rounded home

here's to rounding home

Thursday, 9 July 2015


it has been hot here the last several days
and ofcourse it is all relative
because what is hot here for us
may not be so much for you where you are
reading today that rainforests are on fire
giant trees as kindling

setting out the other morning to little 83
shattered shell fragments
yolk on concrete
yesterday, two feather wing fragments
flying no more

the ones that keep on keeping on
the ones left behind

on the fan that cools all of us
no one is left behind

Friday, 3 July 2015


there is that moment when blowing up a balloon
that you wonder 'should I stop now?'
when it feels pretty full
when you think you've emptied yourself into it as much as you should
and then the thought crosses your mind 'wait a minute...maybe just a little more'
maybe you have more to give
more juice in the lungs and that could make the balloon that much better
and so you inhale and go to blow again but the balloon bursts
and you know how that feels in your heart when you want the best for everyone and everything
when you want to know that no matter what
we'll all be just fine

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Note taking

the robins are out in full bloom tonight
news to share up down around the bar
golden news from burnished breasts
#82 and counting
early notes yet in a season of song