Tuesday, 28 July 2015


seeds for anenomes are called corms
they're small and gnarly
and look like trolly twig toes
(if twigs had toes)
before planting, you're advised to soak them for a few hours to 'wake them up'
it's hard to know which way to plant them
no obvious top or bottom
but that's okay because the magic blossoms figure it out all on their own
and find their way through the soil

breaking through the surface
this year's crop is divided into five pots...three corms each
five anenomes are blooming (or just about to)
two withered under too much rain
and one was munched (likely down to squirrel action)

still some time for others to make it
to step up and join the party
all in all pretty good odds all things considered
sums of summer sun

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