Sunday, 4 October 2015


so so so
I gotta run now
Run along the top of the fence and then down and out into the yard
Near the back where there are lots of cones
LOTS of cones
And then I'll run back up and over and across the patio
Around the clay pots
By the anenomes, the portulaca, the asters and the dahlias
And then I'll make my way over into the next yard
The one with the mammoth spruce
And I'll snag myself a cone
Cause that is where the tasty eating comes in
And when I'm done I'll grab some more cones and I'll stash them here
Under this step so there'll be lots
LOTS of cones for when the snow comes
Because sure
Today is a nice sunny day
But soon it will be winter
And who'll be laughing then?
Gotta run!

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