Tuesday, 5 January 2016

So...a squirrel walks into a bar...

or say, shinnies up a branch on the dogwood
and hauls in his tiny grippers
a page from a Home Depot flyer
a page easily twice his size
and the squirrel is so jazzed by the bounty
that he almost upends himself
a couple of times but hangs on determined to wrestle his catch
and a blue jay comes by and says
'squirrel...you are one nutty nutkin...wrestling that there!'
but the squirrel takes no notice and resumes wrangling the flyer page
dreaming of all the great bargoons that will line his nest
just then the flyer falls between his paws and falls to the ground beneath the dogwood
'shit' murmurs squirrel
'lousy luck' murmurs blue jay before flying away
and the squirrel carries on hoping that other great deals will be dealt to him
too good to pass by
too good to pass up
too good to slip through his eager nesting paws

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