Saturday, 13 February 2016

Aiming for the stars

one of Santa's elves and the Easter Bunny are out on a bit of a tear
on a Saturday afternoon
and why not?
the sun is shining
the snow is melting
and everything is waking up after the slumber of winter
they decide to knock on the door of their old friend Cupid to invite him to come out to play
'Hey Cupid!  Wanna hit Happy Hour...shoot some stick?'
Cupid can't quite believe it...
'Are you kidding?   You know I have to get my wings and sharpen the arrows...hundreds...thousands...millions of arrows!'
And if the truth be told Santa's elf and Easter Bunny were lost in a bit of a post-holiday the other pre- and joyously lollygagging.  They forgot it was the eve of THE BIG DAY for their winged friend.
Ever the opportunist...the elf sensed an inroad:
'But there are darts too...'
'Darts?'  queried Cupid.
'Hone your aim...'
And with that Cupid was persuaded and headed down to the pub for an all out sozzle fest lasting into the wee hours.
He promises to do his be a straight shooter come Sunday but hey...what do you expect?
Leaps of faith in a Leap Year.

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