Thursday, 28 April 2016

the measure of feathers

numbers 23 & 24 were really going at it today
like really going at it
first squawking over some berries
limb to limb to limb
and then down on the ground up and over
going at it
and in a day of disheartening news
(projected depletion of oxygen in the oceans)
i didn't quite know what to make of my robin friends
but hoping for more cheer
less churl
counting on limbs and wings

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Saturday, 16 April 2016

the annual robin count

#16 is sunning herself in the yard
on the lawn between two trees
seeming quite contented
no worm pulling
no fast meandering across the grass
just there
after many minutes
does she know it's unusually warm for april?
has she heard the news of the world?
but why spoil a bright spring day
with too many thoughts of tomorrow

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

tastes like chicken

walking home today from the drugstore/post office
with hydrangea stamps in my bag
i was serenaded by birds along the curving streets of Gold Bar
blossoms popping out too:
pasque flowers
and two tiny pots of tulips that looked a little
too good to be true
silk flowers?
in the way that 'silk flowers' are plastic flowers
with the texture of silk
a little petroleum in the mix
or maybe just a measure of my cynicism
my reluctance to clap my hands and believe
in nature's perfection

where is tinkerbell when i need her???

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

no place like home

the winds were swirling today
in a way that only sudden spring winds can
churning up all at once
like a cartoon tasmanian devil
one big ball of whirl
as long as the tall trees remain happy
and rooted
not rerouted
all will be dandy
kansas might be lovely this time of year
but i'll take dorothy's word for it

Monday, 4 April 2016


the thing about spring here is that there is a lot of dust
a lot
also gravel...sand...little remnants of what laid beneath the snow for many months
so you'll encounter things like puddles, crocuses, sunshine and birdsong
but also gusts that will envelope you curb side in the wake of city buses peeling away
it just comes with the territory
and it's easy to forget in the urban scheme of things that we're here
in the prairie grid
so at least for me the next time that i'm out on the street and a little wind whirl
flies some grit between my teeth
i'll do my best to remember my place in the scheme of things
to embrace it all
in all its dusty glory
thankful for a whirlwind and not a tornado
however gritty
no place like home