Wednesday, 31 August 2016

happy anniversary

so...say someone has a bike
a robin's egg blue bike
that they found one day abandoned in the bushes while walking down a hill
the bike was heavy and old and a little rusty but it was lovely
and so someone rescued it from the bushes and took it home
and someone decided to give the bike a little love and had it repainted
in the original colours of robin's egg blue and white
and later that summer on a trip to Italy
bought a bicycle bell at a little bike shop in Florence
and every time someone rode her bike and rang her bell thought of how people are connected
and no matter who you are or where you live you might enjoy riding a bike if you get the chance
and then one day someone woke up and wondered 'where is my bike?'
it was parked on the front porch but it isn't there
just the bike cable cut and tossed in the hosta patch in front of the porch
and someone thought that's not a nice thing to do
especially the day before someone's birthday
and today someone is thinking about their robin's egg blue bike
wondering where it is who is riding it
and thinking all these years later that you...the cable cutter...whoever you are
are still a real jerk
happy anniversary

Sunday, 28 August 2016


the air is soft
the rocks are rugged
the catnip is blossoming
the water is glistening
and the folks are friendly
here in Placentia

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

tiny gum shoes

little wee feet in
tiny gum shoes under the bridge
they flit and flutter
and make big big messes
little wee feet in
tiny gum shoes making all kinds of trouble
rats with wings
no matter smatter what
little wee feet just keep on comin

rock on tiny gum shoes

Monday, 22 August 2016

Squirrel syndrome

'L' is for looking for stuff that has gone mysteriously missing
could happen to anyone
from time to time things just get misplaced
yet sometimes it's a little more haphazard and random
like 'where is that other boot?'
or the giant prop fan from the play we did eight years ago?
or maybe like the last few days and a book I'm determined to read and was given as a gift
nowhere to be found
maybe it will turn up eventually
'L' is also for libations
and on more than one occasion this squirrel (when sozzled) is especially inspired to share and says
' should take this....I think you'd really like it'
and 'W' is for wondering where did I put that book, who did I lend it to but also whatever
here on the spirit plane
in a world of stuff

Thursday, 18 August 2016


kittens come in all shapes and sizes
ages too
one kitten i know is 17
(ballpark 17 but likely 17)
likes (among other things):
romping under sheets when the bed is being made
fresh catnip treats
long grasses
residual cereal milk
dislikes confined spaces
rides in the car---especially trips to the vet
does okay with pills as long as they're pocketed away in TM malleable chicken flavoured treats
took up howling for awhile, less so now (possibly related to new thyroid med pill regime as mentioned above)
greats us at the door when we arrive home
usually comes running when his name is called
and is just generally a sweet cuddly guy
for a 17 year old cat
our companion
our masco
our kitten

Sunday, 14 August 2016

another lap around the pool

if you happen to be a greenland shark
you've likely been around for a while
a long, long while
like...maybe anywhere between 272-512 years
lots of candles on the aqua cake
that would make you (scientists figure) the oldest vertebrate on earth
i guess a lot to take in...plankton...schooners...others
over the years, decades, centuries
1504-1744 (ballpark numbers)
wonder what you think of what's up
more burger than bun?  the plastic vortex? a hole in the collective heart...?
another trip around the sun coming up soon
comforted by thinking of you splashing away around and down under
keeping on keeping on
you and redwood rings

Silver medals

nasturtium seeds are a kind of b list capers
days and days of clouds without rain are like reading a mystery novel and getting to the end only to find the last few pages missing
enduring grade ten math meant listening to my teacher referring to me as his 'favourite underachiever'
hearing someone set off fireworks last night in the neighbourhood (too close to home?) makes for anxious moments with none of the dazzly fun
bread, bagels and buns from the grocery store up the street taste like one basic dough mix fashioned into various shapes and sizes
ranunculus grown from corms with leaves but no blossoms holds two middle fingers up to my less than green thumbs
the sports story preview mentioning that 'so-and-so was hoping for a gold medal 'had me wondering who was on caption duty until i reflected that yeah, maybe not everybody
for some silver is preferable
or at least
white gold

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


someone is peeping
someone is flitting
someone is tweeting
someone is sleeping (after noshing and a hot ride in the car)
someone is dodging raindrops under a stormy sky
someone can't believe how late it is in the summer
someone is dressed in yellow and black like a bumblebee and going for a run
someone is laughing and yelling something and then yelling something again
someone is procrastinating about a writing project (or is that 'gestating'?)
someone is mopey about the state of the world
and someone is inspired that we are evolving and moving in the right direction
someone far away ---maybe the other side of the world---is reading this
maybe someone like me enjoying a lovely day in august
the sum of us
the someones

Monday, 8 August 2016

passels of hope

and wondering...can that be plural?
does it reckon, resonate...compute?
on the 8th of the 8th i think:  yeah it can be and yes it does absolutely
because while some good things come in small packages other things are needed in abundance
(aka mass quantities) the sooner the better
no time like the present
and no present like the present that keeps on giving
in all the time capsules to come

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Casting call

non blooming ranunculus as 'petulant ingenue'
gorging squirrel in bird feeder as 'drunk uncle at family reunion'
quack grass puller in flower bed as 'finger in dike wooden shoes boy'
whistling postie as 'long lost cheery snowy eighth dwarf'
aquatic algae bloom as 'who invited you to the party?'
relentless hope diver as 'desert oasis diviner'
you as 'you (only more you) with every passing day'
a day like and unlike 'any other'

Monday, 1 August 2016

While Supplies Last

Attention Shoppers!
One day only...
Special discount sale on Hope in various departments...
Limited edition CandyGrams sugar coating news of the day
Higher than a kite Needle in a Haystack Swaddle Sheets with thread counts outtathisworld
El NiƱo vintage bubbly Brut guaranteed to smooth the edges
Glacial melting in the freezer section and 'clean up party in coastal aisles'!
Monogramming while you watch and wait for tomorrow's discounts
Tomorrow's discounts today