Wednesday, 31 August 2016

happy anniversary

so...say someone has a bike
a robin's egg blue bike
that they found one day abandoned in the bushes while walking down a hill
the bike was heavy and old and a little rusty but it was lovely
and so someone rescued it from the bushes and took it home
and someone decided to give the bike a little love and had it repainted
in the original colours of robin's egg blue and white
and later that summer on a trip to Italy
bought a bicycle bell at a little bike shop in Florence
and every time someone rode her bike and rang her bell thought of how people are connected
and no matter who you are or where you live you might enjoy riding a bike if you get the chance
and then one day someone woke up and wondered 'where is my bike?'
it was parked on the front porch but it isn't there
just the bike cable cut and tossed in the hosta patch in front of the porch
and someone thought that's not a nice thing to do
especially the day before someone's birthday
and today someone is thinking about their robin's egg blue bike
wondering where it is who is riding it
and thinking all these years later that you...the cable cutter...whoever you are
are still a real jerk
happy anniversary

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