Sunday, 14 August 2016

Silver medals

nasturtium seeds are a kind of b list capers
days and days of clouds without rain are like reading a mystery novel and getting to the end only to find the last few pages missing
enduring grade ten math meant listening to my teacher referring to me as his 'favourite underachiever'
hearing someone set off fireworks last night in the neighbourhood (too close to home?) makes for anxious moments with none of the dazzly fun
bread, bagels and buns from the grocery store up the street taste like one basic dough mix fashioned into various shapes and sizes
ranunculus grown from corms with leaves but no blossoms holds two middle fingers up to my less than green thumbs
the sports story preview mentioning that 'so-and-so was hoping for a gold medal 'had me wondering who was on caption duty until i reflected that yeah, maybe not everybody
for some silver is preferable
or at least
white gold

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