Monday, 22 August 2016

Squirrel syndrome

'L' is for looking for stuff that has gone mysteriously missing
could happen to anyone
from time to time things just get misplaced
yet sometimes it's a little more haphazard and random
like 'where is that other boot?'
or the giant prop fan from the play we did eight years ago?
or maybe like the last few days and a book I'm determined to read and was given as a gift
nowhere to be found
maybe it will turn up eventually
'L' is also for libations
and on more than one occasion this squirrel (when sozzled) is especially inspired to share and says
' should take this....I think you'd really like it'
and 'W' is for wondering where did I put that book, who did I lend it to but also whatever
here on the spirit plane
in a world of stuff

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