Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Big Wheels your dream...
there is a conference or gathering of some kind
involving various thinkers from all over
and one session in particular is one that you're attached to
to facilitate and oversee that all goes more or less well
and among the attendees is a friend who you admire
though you haven't seen for a long time
and things seem to be going well into the session
until the speaker starts saying all kinds of crazy and offensive things
this upsets you and you worry it upsets your friend
just then you see her wheeling her way out of the conference space
down a spiral staircase
escaping on a bicycle
you follow her on the only available wheels:  a sort of unicycle with an oval shaped wheel
you follow her up and down steep hills
marvelling at your ability to pedal power the oval wheeled unicycle
over hill, dale and snow covered roads
eventually you part ways and you make your way back to the conference centre
your unicycle has become a snowboard which you park in a wood panelled cabinet
there are tiny toasts of red wine as all agree that all is more or less well
a bit of restoration in an age of upheaval

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