Wednesday, 28 December 2016

road clearing

the bladers are out
sounding like dinosaurs
roaring through the hood

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


pathways in the snow
poopy petters in the snow
yellow dribbles in the snow
muffled sounds in the snow
knitted slumbers in the snow
dreams dreamed dreaming
dreaming in the snow

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


the longest night
in a dark year
that draws to a close
lit up
in darkness
burn brighter

Saturday, 17 December 2016

magic moments....

when the discarded tissue on your nightstand
resembles a perfectly constructed
origami bunny

Thursday, 15 December 2016

a good thing

so say you find yourself at a seasonal party
a party near the river in historic buildings
rural but in the city
a party where sleigh rides are planned for the kids
and where Santa will show up before the night is through
but the evening's plans are altered because it is very very cold
lots of snow and bitter winds
so everyone hankers down inside the cabin
and tucks into a tasty dinner
and among the festivities you notice something
almost a flash or a whiz
something zooming around
it turns out to be a young cat crashing the party
and later you learn that a friend has found a box and put a little meal for the cat outside
a bit of refuge from the wind and blowing snow
a little turkey for the tummy
so you put on your coat and go outside to see for yourself
and there he is
a small grey tabby sitting in the box
you kneel down in your big winter coat and he hops into your lap
you sit together there for many many minutes
as he purrs and purrs and purrs
you eventually rejoin the party and you ask the staff
'Is that the cabin cat?'
and they say no...there are some strays there and the staff isn't supposed to feed them
but sometimes they do
and as the party is winding down and your ride is leaving soon you wonder about the little cat
the little cat in the blowing wind and snow
you and your partner wonder what to do
and you decide on the spot the little one is going home with you
even though you are both allergic

and on this cold night you think back to eighteen years ago
and how bringing a little one home was one of the best things you ever did
making a small friend for life
and you hope that others might be inspired one day
to do the same
some years Christmas comes early

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Sunday, 11 December 2016


  • hungry kitten
  • snoring kitten
  • breezy kitten
  • licking kitten
  • meowing kitten
  • howling kitten
  • sleepy kitten
  • racing kitten
  • noshing kitten
  • drinking kitten
  • sniffing kitten
  • kneading kitten
  • pawing kitten
  • purring kitten

Thursday, 8 December 2016

nether regions

The Muskrat asked The Pigeon 'what should we do today?'
Pigeon said 'we should jump on the snowmobile and head down to Whyte Avenue for a pint.'
So they pulled on their snowsuits, their toques, their mufflers and mittens and headed on their way.
Being -20 and colder with the windchill they wasted no time enroute and were there licketdy split.
Just as they were about to head into the pub, Muskrat said to Pigeon 'have you heard that it's warming at the poles?  That the polar bears and penguins don't have enough ice for their highballs?'
Pigeon was shocked and said 'we have to do something for our friends.  Let's send them some jet stream.'  And Pigeon started flapping her wings and Muskrat started waving her arms and they sent frigid air north and frigid air south to fend off the warming.  'That's way better,' said Muskrat.  'Way way better,' said Pigeon.  And having worked up powerful thirsts they headed into the pub to cheer a job well done.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


sending warmth today
to everyone everywhere
one big swaddle huddle

Thursday, 1 December 2016


all the jack rabbits got together
and had a little conference

they wondered why it was that although nearly december
everything was still brown

they decided this was unacceptable
and started thumping in protest

they thumped and thumped
and thumped so more

they thumped so much that it woke up the sky
the clouds answered their thumping
and everything turned white

now the jack rabbits can get down
to the serious business of hopping