Thursday, 8 December 2016

nether regions

The Muskrat asked The Pigeon 'what should we do today?'
Pigeon said 'we should jump on the snowmobile and head down to Whyte Avenue for a pint.'
So they pulled on their snowsuits, their toques, their mufflers and mittens and headed on their way.
Being -20 and colder with the windchill they wasted no time enroute and were there licketdy split.
Just as they were about to head into the pub, Muskrat said to Pigeon 'have you heard that it's warming at the poles?  That the polar bears and penguins don't have enough ice for their highballs?'
Pigeon was shocked and said 'we have to do something for our friends.  Let's send them some jet stream.'  And Pigeon started flapping her wings and Muskrat started waving her arms and they sent frigid air north and frigid air south to fend off the warming.  'That's way better,' said Muskrat.  'Way way better,' said Pigeon.  And having worked up powerful thirsts they headed into the pub to cheer a job well done.

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