Tuesday, 18 April 2017

cygnus signals

so you find yourself walking down a street
a street very much like one you once lived by
it is both familiar and unknown to you
but feels welcoming as you cross the street
you walk into a little dip in the sidewalk
which leads to a wall
and you stand on your tiptoes to look over the wall
and looming large in the sky
like a bright white dirigible
is the neck and wing tips of a giant swan
and it takes your breath away
you decide to carry on with your journey
and make your way to a place where many people are meeting
not quite a celebration but a peaceful gathering of kindred spirits
you make your way through a room and towards a patio
because what you want more than anything is to return outside
for one more glimpse of that amazing swan
bathing the sky in soft white light and then
you wake up

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